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Quality men, real women
16 August 2018
Reviewer: Tricksy from UK

16 of 32 people found this review helpful

This is a review as a woman, but I have also used the male side looking for an extra, so I feel I can comment on both sides of the site.

For women, this is a great site. Yes, you join and get inundated with virtual kisses and messages, but sort through them and there are a lot of quality men to choose from. For me, that means good-looking educated professionals. I never received one 'dick pic' and all were happy to chat then coffee/meal. Now, this might not suit you and I am sure you could arrange to go straight to hotel meets without complaints! There are women on there who have been on there for years doing just that. Also, some of the women know each other or met via the site and swap info on you - this is a good thing for us and our safety, perhaps less so for you!

From the man's side of things, I never found that many fake profiles (sometimes the men set them up so they can see what the competition is like) and when I reported a woman seeking financial recompense the response from admin was very quick. I met quite... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Illicit Encounters to a friend.

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Real people looking for real affairs
09 June 2015
Reviewer: Impure Pleasure from UK

114 of 223 people found this review helpful

Brilliant site. Have tried others, the best of which had been maritalaffair.co.uk, but illicit encounters is in a different league. Yes, you have to pay to join properly, but that is worth every penny as this appears to put off the time wasters and quickie hunters. The women on there that I had contact with all seemed to be looking for the same thing as me - a friendship that had a physical side to it. Yes, great sex is definitely what we all wanted, but in a longterm illicit relationship based on common friendship. Had contact with some lovely women.

Also, presumably because the ratio of men to women if far better balanced than on other sites (again thanks to the charge aspect), I had women contact me as well as responding to my initiated chats.

If you are serious about finding a genuine lover, that one special person to enjoy good company and sex with outside of your marriage, this is the site.

In summary, I would recommend Illicit Encounters to a friend.

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Three ttimes on IE in 5 years -- success each time
29 March 2015
Reviewer: Usdancer from Manchester UK

86 of 168 people found this review helpful

Over the past 5 years, I have used Illicit Encounters on 3 occassions. I had tried others sites like BeNaughty and Local Slags (terrible name! But I read a good review). Anyway, the number of men to women in these other sites seems to be about 10:1 or worse. Even if you have a lot to offer, the numbers are against you.

The best thing about Illicit Encounters is the male to female ratio. It is about 60 - 40 as far as I can tell. If not closer to 50 - 50. Sure, it costs more than others. But it is well worth it just to have a chance to chat with women who are interested in finding a part-time boyfriend. My first time on IE I found a lovely girl and our affair lasted 3 years. The second time was a success too. That affair ended too soon, but I came back to IE and withing 1 month I am off on my 3rd affair. Had loads of conversatiosn and a few other dates on each occassion. My advice would be to be honest, original... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Illicit Encounters to a friend.

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Would definitely recommend for females!x
08 October 2014
Reviewer: Lightscameraaction from United Kingdom

126 of 238 people found this review helpful

So after being married for 20 years I decided it was time to get the spark and romance back into my life. I have always thought it was acceptable for men to stray however until that night I hadn't ever considered doing it myself.

I googled married affairs and up came IllicitEncounters.com.

I had a look at the site and read the testimonials. It definitely sounded what I wanted. I created my profile and after an hour I was bombarded with messages. Scary but exciting at the same time! I would say it takes a week to get used to (eg clearing out my messages) but it is definitely worth it.
I have had 1 long affair and a few short ones. The thing I like about it is everyone is there for different reasons so there are so many exciting things one can get up to.

5 out of 5!!

In summary, I would recommend Illicit Encounters to a friend.

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It's worked for me for 7 years
09 April 2014
Reviewer: Kissingwithconfidence from UK

165 of 302 people found this review helpful

I've been using IE for about 7 years, signing up to the (admittedly very high-priced) membership. In that time I have had more success with this site than with all the other various dating sites put together. No lie.

The pluses - a reasonably even split of men and women, the fact that you've paid shows the women (who get it for free) that you are serious, the excellent and helpful admin people.

The minuses - the very high cost, the fact it's free for women and so encourages all the flakes, fakes and wanabees (I know several women with multiple profiles, have "outed" two men in that time and it's also heavy with fake "bait" profiles). If women were charged a nominal fee (say, a fiver) then it would put off a lot of the fakes and the ones who are "just looking" - and boy, I've met a couple of those timewasters! It's very light on features too - could have a few more for sure. All sites have fakes though - this is nothing exclusive to IE.

So, some strong negatives there. But, and it's a big, fat, wobbly but - it works. As I said at the... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Illicit Encounters to a friend.

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An Excellent Choice
26 February 2014
Reviewer: Steven909 from North London UK.

110 of 233 people found this review helpful

I only came across ie by accident but wow I'm pleased I did within only a few days I was chatting with genuine women that were actually looking to meet. The site site is very much for married people looking for an affair which I guess sums me up. But this site it not the usual scam there appears to be similar no's of men as women and I received replies almost immediately.

I have no hesitation in recommending this site, I have tried others but this was the first time the responses were real as I've been caught more than once with other sites... try it out and good luck!

In summary, I would recommend Illicit Encounters to a friend.

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It Works
13 August 2013
Reviewer: Ie Fan from UK

139 of 291 people found this review helpful

I have been on IE a couple of times and have to say always found it to be fun and exciting. Yes it is hard work at times but no different from trying to pick someone up in a pub or club. I met with many women off the site, all of them very nice, however I was looking for someone very special and would you believe I met her on IE. We have been together for 26 months and enjoyed the most wonderful relationship. I cannot say I came across any scammers and found most of the women to be genuine. If you are open and honest about what you want this site is very credible, unlike many of the other sites that I tried beforehand. Yes it is expensive but with a better class of lady many of whom are just looking for an escape out there existing lives. I wish you well. Sites to avoid like the plague; Ashley Madison, Be Naughty

In summary, I would recommend Illicit Encounters to a friend.

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A great site for married people
25 May 2013
Reviewer: Trigger Happy from UK

159 of 318 people found this review helpful

I came across IE two years ago when I embarked upon having an affair. I decided then that it was too expensive. I joined up to loads of other sites, never paying the subscription to see what the response would be. Even without a profile or picture up, my email inbox was inundated with fabulous looking women in their 20s and 30s who seemed desperate to date me! Needless to say, I avoided those fake profiles and sites like the plague, and never parted with my hard earned cash.

After two years of trying out many of the free chat and dating sites, with mixed results - I decided to test the waters and try IE. I was a little bit sceptical to begin with, but one thing I have learnt is that if a woman has written to you without viewing your profile, you can be sure she is a fake. After registering on the site, the half dozen messages I received were from women who had indeed viewed my profile - a sure sign they were real. I subscribed and paid a months Gold Plus membership and haven't looked back.

All the women I have spoken to so... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Illicit Encounters to a friend.

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Commerce first...customer service last
05 May 2013
Reviewer: Jamsie from London

108 of 213 people found this review helpful

Very easy to join and pay

Very easy to set up multiple profiles...if you are a women you can do this for nothing as many times as you like

You can take a holiday break

However, do carefully consider before paying exorbitant fees:
1. Women do not have to pay at all. No issue with this as a commercial model if that is what they want to pursue but:
a) Women have multiple profiles; you may talk to the same person unknowingly under different names.
b) Many women use the 'free' site where they are in league with their husband for three-somes (husband does not have to pay)
c) Prostitutes...be prepared for prostitutes literally 'free-riding' on the free for women site
d) Be prepared for women offering to video...a common occurrence for some reason

2. There is a chat area where views can be expressed on topics chosen by the editor. Sounds a great idea, until you are a man who expresses even a neutral view. It will not be posted.

3. Be wary of those targetting for 'pregnancy' blackmail. Much easier if you are the married man

3. Testimonies...great in theory; funny how there is not one single negative comment

Having said all this, if you really... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Illicit Encounters to a friend.

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Illicit Encounters
07 April 2012
Reviewer: Hunter.. from UK

155 of 317 people found this review helpful

I have been on the site a couple of times and have found success relatively easy to achieve.

The female clientele are far more discerning than on other sites I have tried and unlike the experiences of others who have reviewed the site, I can confirm that the women are very real..

I enjoyed a lengthy affair after my first visit..

And I am about to embark on another following my second.

It isn't cheap, that's for sure..

But if you have anything about you, and you aren't seeking a quick "Travel Lodge" shag, then you will enjoy the site and the experience....

In summary, I would recommend Illicit Encounters to a friend.

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