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07 December 2009
Reviewer: Darren from Leicester, UK

189 of 364 people found this review helpful

I was on this site for a very long time, on and off for about 3 years in total... The site does have allot going for it, yet it also has some very bad aspects too.

The database is meant to consist of 4 million users world wide... however when you create a new account you always get the same responses AKA the scam girl problem is HUGE on this site, and the admin do not seem to want that problem solving (as it adds numbers to the community, I guess) however this can be very annoying, since... the site does have a fairly well used blog area - for free, this is a great place to chill and talk to the regular users (obviously this helps to find some genuine users and gives you a way to enjoy your time while searching) the forum used to be free but recently they changed this... only the less used areas are now free... So it really isn't worth using!

Myself, I made a lot of friends on the site - however meets? Not very good at all... Although you can find genuine users via what is still usable in the forum and the... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Be Naughty to a friend.

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Such A Scam!!!!!
17 November 2009
Reviewer: Paul from Exeter, United Kingdom

205 of 381 people found this review helpful

I was a member of benaughty.I will give you the gist of it.....Listen up guys!!!

Although i have had some success on this site, sifting through who is real and who works for the site is a challenge.

If you subscribe,and it expires. You will probably recieve at least one email a week. These will be from someone (who i believe, works for the site). I got one, or more emails a week.......on the dot!! These were from women very close to me. Women i had tried to chat to (with no luck) before. When you reply.......They NEVER answer back!.

The fake profiles usually are the 27 years old stunners with one photo.Guess they reckon thats a nice inbetween age ey!.

Like i said before, i have met genuine people on there, but dont waste your cash guys. much better sites out there. Give adultfriendfinder a whirl. I wasn't dissapointed. lol

In conclusion........Misleading honest folk out of their hard earned cash.....Naughty.....Oh!...i get it now

BeNaughty....So fitting!

In summary, I would not recommend Be Naughty to a friend.

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07 December 2009
Reviewer: Andrew from Stockton, England

194 of 359 people found this review helpful

Benaughty is a scam site.
If you create a profile you will get spammed by fake users.
If you take out a three day pass they will bill you automatically for another £24.99 for a month.
Dont think you can cancel before the end of the three days as they want three days notice to cancel and you get charged anyway.
'Customer service' is a contradiction in terms, they have no interest at all and just arrogantly tell you they dont give refunds.
Do yourself a favour have nothing to do with this site and never give them your card details.
Google 'Benaughty.com scam' and see for yourself what they are up to.
You have been warned.

In summary, I would not recommend Be Naughty to a friend.

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Be naughty as a dating site
03 July 2010
Reviewer: Natalie from Swansea, UK

167 of 334 people found this review helpful

I have been on this dating site for 1 year now as women are free, and in the beginning it was a fun place to be as i felt it was more than just a sex dating site with having a forum to build up a community. But then it started growing with more sites getting added to the easy date company and Be Naughty started to go down in my estimation. Horrendous problems with scammers mainly for the men (as they pay) the biggest complaint from the men is that they get sent emails from gorgeous looking women so they sign up and the emails are no longer there. Then they get inunduated with girls asking for credit card details. I feel the site has not done enough to clear this up even though its the number one complaint. The site is now no longer working correctly, getting blank white pages unable to log in for 30 mins or more and it really is now poor value for money. Even after repeated attempts to ask for information about the running of the site there is no response. It was a once a great community not just a dating site,... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Be Naughty to a friend.

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A scam and a fake
22 May 2009
Reviewer: Andrew from Grimsby, UK

186 of 362 people found this review helpful

Signed up for 3 days only after the 3 days were over found they had charged me for 1 month. Emails i recieved were fake. I set up an account as a 1 legged dwarf and still got the same emails avoid this site like the plague and all the other sex in the uk sites there just money making scams.

In summary, I would not recommend Be Naughty to a friend.

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What a con!!!
13 April 2009
Reviewer: Cosmic from By Eassie,Glamis, Angus, United Kingdom

192 of 357 people found this review helpful

I joined Be Naughty and instantly received two emails,one of which welcomed me to the site (making me instantly suspicious as there is no info on profiles about joining date),both of whom lived locally. I replied to each but never heard back,making me suspect that I had been lured into paying for membership by bogus admin profiles. After receiving no more mails for three weeks,I cancelled my membership,then on a whim I signed up again with a different account name. Lo and behold,one of the same women mailed me instantly again! I believe this site plays dirty (their name being wholly appropriate),and while there are obviously real profiles and real people to contact,it is my suspicion that you are lured into paying a subscription fee to read emails sent by the site itself. Buyer beware!!!

In summary, I would not recommend Be Naughty to a friend.

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