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This is a total waste of time and money
17 February 2017
Reviewer: Wolf4lamb from Canada

37 of 61 people found this review helpful

I initially registered and paid for membership on Be Naughty from a recommendation site. A big mistake. On the surface it looks good and is easy to use, and you get a huge number of emails and messages from what look like hot girls. It turns out these are computer generated "conversations". As far as that goes it is good enough to fool you at first, but I started to wonder why so many messages and why the chats always ended after about 15 minutes with some excuse.

So I started to test the conversations more and more ... asking outrageous questions and also complicated questions. When the bot can't figure it out it will respond either with a stupid smiley face or another totally unrelated question. Thinking there may actually be some real girls on the site I called to get "verified" and see if there were any other "verified" members in my area. I think there were two at the time. All the rest are fake and it is just a scam to try to entice you into the paid camchat service that they offer.

There are real girls there, but you have to pay for cybersex,... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Be Naughty to a friend.

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Legit or fake?
10 August 2015
Reviewer: Scott from Swindon, Uk

119 of 206 people found this review helpful

I have been a paid up member of Benaughty now for just over a week.

Initially I received more interest then I could shake a stick at. But once the original interest wained I am now receiving very few contacts.

Several of the profiles are clearly fake, photo's so obviously taken in America, double profiles, where the same photo is posted with two completely different names and sometimes even different ages!

Scams too, a member contacts you, interested in exchanging email addresses and follows that up with trying to get you to go to a certain web site, pay per view sort of thing.

I am fed up with this site and at the end of my 1 month subscription I will be stopping my membership.
Would I recommend this site to others? No way! Leave it. Its too expensive and too many members are fake or from other countries not UK! That's is not to say there are legit profiles, of course there are!
But for me this site is rubbish and would never come back to any pay dating site.
Use the site, but be careful! Just too many strange and weird people on here.

In summary, I would not recommend Be Naughty to a friend.

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Don't bother
17 January 2015
Reviewer: Miles from Midlands, UK

117 of 212 people found this review helpful

Pointless.... Joined because it was recommended on a "best of" site. Should have done a bit more research. Navigating site on iPad was slow. Despite being based in central UK I received matches from the US from models who I am sure had better things to do than message me - scam users? I am not sure I got any genuine messages. To cancel repeat billing requires negotiating over the phone to a persistent lady based in ? South East Asia.... Oh and my profile picture was at first rejected then posted up side down...a perfectly decent passport type photo. Ok I wasn't wearing a suit and tie but neither was I showing any inappropriate flesh! May be that is where I was going wrong.

In summary, I would not recommend Be Naughty to a friend.

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Scam site...
29 July 2014
Reviewer: Hoodwinked By Another Scam Site from Southern USA

122 of 232 people found this review helpful

The list of negative features for this site is seemingly endless... I finally joined trying to get access to everything, stupidly believing it was legit and, did meet a few nice people then all the sudden this past week, I logged in just to find they've completely changed everything with no warning, no asking if I wanted the super bad changes, no messaging, videos eliminated, no editing you own page, dead links for contacting them, no home page, it just goes on and on... I've written them many times, and never get a response... DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS PLACE, IT'S A TOTAL RIP OFF...

In summary, I would not recommend Be Naughty to a friend.

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Avoid at all costs
14 May 2014
Reviewer: Ncf from UK

117 of 223 people found this review helpful

Joined a thee day trial, and tried to cancel it as per instructions. You will NOT receive the "code" to cancel - guaranteed. You will then have the higher amount removed from your account , just a total and utter scam.

There are very few genuine people on there , most, if not are all fake. I altered my profile to an 84 year old man and still had the same interest.

Do not join, forget the " Customer support" as operators read off a script and just put the phone down when you ask to cancel the subscription.


In summary, I would not recommend Be Naughty to a friend.

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14 days to upgrade my membership
20 September 2012
Reviewer: One dissapointed Guy from Australia

179 of 316 people found this review helpful

I started using this site 4 weeks ago, finally decided to pay 2 weeks ago and after all the fuss that I kicked up, they finally upgraded to my account, This is the first time I started to chat, I chatted to 4 women all leading to the one final question after a bout a half an hour of chat. Please give me your email address so as I can send you some photo's, that is one of the oldest scam tricks in the book, and when you ask them to upload there photo's on their profile, all as you receive back is their email address with their screen name, instantly, no one can type that fast only a machine can. I will continue to use the site untill my membership runs out,but no more on line dating for me.So guys be warned.
One dissapionted Guy
Victoria Australia

In summary, I would not recommend Be Naughty to a friend.

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Full of Scammers, and that's all you get!
04 September 2012
Reviewer: UKFella from UK - Leeds

178 of 339 people found this review helpful


I joined a few sites at the same time, and I was getting a much better hit rate here. Now I know why. A lot of the profiles contacting me were local, well claiming to be anyway. but some were not. They would say things like I live in or I am staying at the XXX Hotel. Thing is, the Name of the Hotel was cut and pasted into the text, and it still had the same font, size and colour from the hotel web site and stood out like a dick in a lesbiean's swingers party!

Many of the local ones send you messages that again are word for word copies, In my instance they are all called Becca (about 40 of them in a week) and use the same phrases such as "hit me".

You can report a user, but they have created another 50 profiles in the time you have - so what's the point!

Don't join as they need to get cleverer and block the scammers using their IP address etc, as it's a waste of time.

In summary, I would not recommend Be Naughty to a friend.

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You will write to 50 and get 1 reply. Mostly fake profiles.
10 July 2011
Reviewer: Dazgm from Queensland, Australia

189 of 368 people found this review helpful

I am a good looking, intelligent, easy-going and fun man who usually doesn't have any problems meeting a good girl. On this site, you will write to about 50 women to get 1 reply. Most of the beautiful girls are fakes and honestly, don't bother writing to them as they are either fakes or they won't reply no matter how good you are or might be. If they are real, they are darn rude!



When you type in your search to search for girls who are online, it comes up with every member in a mish mash order.
The search site needs a lot of work. It is an American site and it shows. 100kms from Gold Coast includes Tweed Heads, but because that is in NSW it doesn't show up on search results.

This site is a fake at best. I met 1 lady from this site, but am seriously doubting that any of the rest of them are real, just hoax profiles to make the site look good.

In summary, I would not recommend Be Naughty to a friend.

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Be Naughty ? Be warned!
14 September 2010
Reviewer: Trish from UK

198 of 381 people found this review helpful

For every 100 or so men of the site, there is only one REAL woman. The site is spammed to hell with bogus profiles of women who are just after the guys credit details and cash. The guys are able to join the site for free and are able to use the forum/blog for free which is the only good thing but they can't ever read any mail unless they pay. Before they hand over their cash their mail box is filled with mail from sexy young ladies (obviously fake profiles) but when they sign up to a membership all the mail stops and they can go for months on end even over a year before anyone mails or speaks to them.

There is a real problem with the admin not putting their members first before cash. Profiles are displayed from one adult dating site onto Up for it sex sites and members have no control over this. Also there is a real issue with having random profiles being displayed on Face Book, the two sites should never mix.

Many of the females on the Be Naughty site have had to remove their profile pictures... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Be Naughty to a friend.

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09 December 2009
Reviewer: John from London, England

207 of 386 people found this review helpful

Thought I would do the 3 day trial and see what its like, did try and cancel before the deadline, you had to wait for the email to be sent and get the code and it was never received so got another month of payment taken out of my bank at the highest payment, this seems to happen alot, you can check out the forums for free on their own site in the help section.

So been on it a few weeks now and the site is full off cam girls, many alt/copied accounts with wording and pictures, have reported a few but it seems no action has been taken yet. You can spot the fake accounts a mile away, they make contact with you without viewing your profile and after 3 replies they offer you a free cam show but you have to hit the link,once again reported and nothing has happened.
You can also upload vids but this footage is so low res its 10 years behind.

Also another service they provide is if a basic member wants to get in contact with you, you have to pay fees for the messages,nice little scam they have there for the messages... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Be Naughty to a friend.

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