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Just a Scam
03 March 2015
Reviewer: Tmirabel from Springfield, Mo., USA

80 of 180 people found this review helpful

The site offers a free membership to entice you to join. Within 1 day after signing up for the free membership, I received several messages from female members. All the messages basically started out thy same. Hmmmm or nice photo or even the exact same message (2 x). I replied and never received a message back. The "viewed me" category showed the same 4 or 5 women returning regularly along with the occasional new "member". This is the third site that I've tried. Not recommended.

In summary, I would not recommend Get It On to a friend.

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Get it on.....Should mean move on.
29 December 2011
Reviewer: Balboolshga from fort worth tx usa

185 of 326 people found this review helpful

First and formost the truth is on any given day the ratio between men and women is a staggering 95% to 5%. Most of the girls are 40+ in age and overweight. The nice girls simply try to steer you to their sites where you pay them. The guys have their pants down masterbating begging for someone to watch them. These are the same men who you used to see exposing themselves on the streets.....now they can lounge back on their couch and expose themselves online...cozy huh? What's even worse is it's so simple to get to these live webcams, underage children can do it with ease. You explain your sexual desires, what you looking for, give them a fake email address, match symbols so they can tell your not a computer and your on....watching grown men and women masterbate. No age verification, no credit card first...just a free peepshow for any kid who can type on a computer. I've seen as young as 16 year old girls with an account on this site.

In summary, I would not recommend Get It On to a friend.

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16 July 2011
Reviewer: Henry841 from seattle, wa usa

164 of 353 people found this review helpful

horrible sight registered on ther gay part sent me pictures of nude woomen
then they sent men that were on the east coast when I am on the west coast

never recommend this site


In summary, I would not recommend Get It On to a friend.

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Rip off
26 August 2010
Reviewer: GuessWho from Near San Francisco

195 of 367 people found this review helpful

I subscribed for a month as a premium member. I got 24 flirts and 22 of them were from rip off artists trying to get my credit card info. They pose as girls in their 20's (I'm in my 50's) and say they have their photos and a better profile posted on a website. But to get into the website you must provide credit card info (supposedly to check your age). This site is a sinkhole of thievery. I wouldn't be surprised to find out the site itself is getting a cut of the action. Plus you get the phony messages from phony memebers that try to draw you into subscribing. That's prevelant on all of these types of website. A rip off from start to finish.

In summary, I would not recommend Get It On to a friend.

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06 August 2010
Reviewer: Andls from Los Angeles, CA

157 of 346 people found this review helpful

As a paying male member I did a search and handpicked 30 gorgeous sexy female GetItOn members in my area (Los Angeles) and contacted them via flirt or email. I received 30 email responses. From every girl I contacted. All the emails I received were bogus. And obviously bot generated. All 30 responses were nearly identical, with a slightly different hotmail email address, tied to their phone numbers, and wanting me to contact them soon. Each email started out with something like "Hi Daddy, how's it going? I am having a tough week but looking forward to the weekend ..." and ending with a tease to get together.

30 emails, with the contents all basically the same? Coincidence? I think not. The probability of that happening is beyond astronomical. Needless to say, I won't be renewing my membership. I signed up for GetItOn to get laid not screwed!

In summary, I would not recommend Get It On to a friend.

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Deeply Disappointed
29 November 2009
Reviewer: Dr. Mark from Chester, NY, USA

160 of 356 people found this review helpful

Although I'm witholding final judgment on the site, the fact is that I actually came to no1reviews.com straightaway FROM GetItOn.com BECAUSE of the overabundance of fraudulent Profiles I'd just encountered there. After going through a set of 8 profiles, with 6 of them being obviously fraudulent (and obviously from the same source, as well) I gave up, in frustration and disgust, and decided to search online for reviews of adult dating sites. I was not only interested in which would be determined to be the best, but also in what would be said specifically about AdultFriendFinder.com and GetItOn.com (for those interested, please see my other Review here, for AFF.com).

My above-mentioned encounters with the fraudulent Profiles came from my doing a search for women "near me" (btw, I have been a Gold Member of GIO.com for 3 months at present). As I said, of the 8 I selected, 6 were obviously fake; all were of hot young women, with only 1 or 2 photos each; and all of the essays were simply variations on the same essay, with unusual keywords and unique concepts being repeated in each one; so much so, that pure coincidence could not possibly account for it.

But the... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Get It On to a friend.

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Not worth the hassle
28 March 2010
Reviewer: TH from Chicago, Illinois, US

180 of 369 people found this review helpful

The free enrollment in GetItOn.com isn't worth the time, even though they've made it a short and easy process. The problem is that ya' can't contact anyone, and ya' can't see enough of the profiles to decide whether you would really want to, anyway.

Although the review on No1Reviews.com includes on the features list:
Flirt with other members by sending quick flirts to them
(14th bullet from the top of the list, as of 3/27/2010, and under free membership services)
it does not appear that that the "flirts" were actually sent, and what is the use, anyway, because if the other member hasn't paid for Premium services, they won't be able to do anymore than flirt back -- not quite the kinda' dialog from which to build up to a personal meeting.

Although the review says that you can see who has viewed your profile, this is only available to premium members. Also, members have the option to not display when they joined the site for other to see, and I couldn't figure out how to see when those members I did find in the search were last on line.

The search engine is defective. I ran the exact same search three different... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Get It On to a friend.

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