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What a scam...stay away!
13 February 2013
Reviewer: Dbollo from Seattle

131 of 283 people found this review helpful

Before I even finished my profile I had an email and they kept coming, fast and furious. Like a fool, I bought a paid membership so I could read them. What I discovered is that every one of hundreds of emails was fake. They all had a little "online cupid" logo in the upper right corner, which I later discovered was generated by the site in order to "keep conversation going". How the hell do you converse with a bot? Don't waste your time or you money.

In summary, I would not recommend Untrue to a friend.

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Big Rip Off
29 September 2012
Reviewer: Coffey Killowatt from Kansas

172 of 326 people found this review helpful

Same as other reviews, Lots of request and buddy invites, Paid money, it all stopped but a few, which were never real. Requested money back, said no refunds. Glad i put my money on a pre-paid card, Have feeling they will continue to take money out.

In summary, I would not recommend Untrue to a friend.

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Seems to be a scam and/or site for prostitutes
02 September 2012
Reviewer: Nodateshere from USA

157 of 316 people found this review helpful

I have only tried the FREE part of Untrue. In just a short time, I received over a THOUSAND messages from women, buddy requests, etc. Quite a change from free Internet dating sites where you receive not a single message from a woman in years, even tho there are millions of female members. That alone should tip you off that something is WRONG.

In the Free part of Untrue, while you can receive messages, etc, you can't send any messages at all -- unless you become a paying member. Thus, this is just another SCAM in which women (or men pretending to be women) send you provocative messages to get you to want to reply. If you do, they get a commission from your paid membership. That's why a great many of the "women" sending messages live all over the US and even abroad (whom you could never meet) -- they're just interested in the commission.

Another indication of the fraud involved: I put something important in the beginning of my Profile, and not a single "woman" made any reference to it. It shows that they are not reading your Profile; they're just sending repetitive provocative messages to every male to earn... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Untrue to a friend.

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Truly a Scam they call it for enertainment only no
28 August 2012
Reviewer: Steve from Ok.

114 of 267 people found this review helpful

I joined the sight with some expectations,not the get laid in 10 minute thing just wanted to meet some one or find some peope to massage..Before I paid my money there were buddy request and messages 10 or more a day WOW.After joining there were buddy request by profiles that the site said hadn't been used for some time.I would get a massage from someone that said they were local ,then when I went back to their profile they were from another town !! I went to the online site and messaged people that were online,but there were no responces.I called the company for a refund,he told me it was not a dating site just entertainment.He also said that people themselves were changing the locations themselves and it was out of there control.So don't exspect to do anything escept waste your money and time

In summary, I would recommend Untrue to a friend.

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01 May 2012
Reviewer: Big Daddy from NYC

140 of 312 people found this review helpful

I think this is the biggest scam ever. You will get countless buddy requests from gorgeous women, super friendly messages from them. You will keep accepting their requests, answering to those hundreds messages that will never message you back. If you make the mistake to set up your screen name the same as your yahoo or hotmail messengers, hundreds of Nigerians and Ghana guys will intoxicate you with fake photos, pretending to be women from USA. At some point you will want to know how much they can stretch it and play the game. Their next request will be to verify that you are "safe", logging on different scam websites where you will end up giving up your credit card number.

I wrote few emails on the "help" page, regarding the scam issues. The answer was that the site hosts over 20 million people, it's hard to do an IP track for every one of them. Keep reporting, LMAO...

As a general rule my advice is to watch the scam artists language. Most of them will use "Am" instead of :"I am". Do not accept any further communication unless you have them send you an email with pictures, for example. Find... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Untrue to a friend.

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