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Maximum rip-off. Avoid, avoid, avoid!
04 April 2013
Reviewer: Spence4 from London, England

156 of 288 people found this review helpful

Maximum rip-off. They take your subscription and all you get is access to the sexplaycam.com site with thousands upon thousands of outdated, inactive profiles to view plus invites to a pay-to-play SexPlayChat site (a live 'models' scenario).

None of the people listed on sexplaycam.com ever replies to messages or mails. There does not appear to be any human involvement, it's all run remotely by robots/software.

Having been duped by sexplaycam.com I want others to not make the same mistake I did in joining and not only losing my money but feeling stitched-up. I wanted to meet women but I wound up meeting no one.

In summary, I would not recommend Sex Play Cam to a friend.

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Avoid like the plague!
23 January 2013
Reviewer: Fotheringay from United Kingdom

124 of 289 people found this review helpful

The site looks enticing and when joining for free it does look like you'll score. You are besieged by flirt messages and "so-and-so's sent you mail" along with x, y and z hotties have added you as a contact.

However, until a subscription is paid, it is not possible to read any flirts or mails.

The layout of sexplaycam.com is quite professional and there is no hint of scam. Nevertheless, the same photos on the home page appear relentlessly rotated and they must be placed automatically by software. Flirts and messages appear at all times of the day, many times from places where it is the middle of the night. These people cannot possibly be up at ridiculous hours.

If, like me, you foolishly give in and sign up, you find yourself in solitude. There is no one online for real, never any women available for instant messaging or in chat rooms and in 100's of messages I've sent there has not been one single reply. It's an empty chasm.

Ultimately, sexplaycam.com has to be one of the very worst scams and rip-offs. Paying a subscription gets you nothing more than the facility to log-on and spend time on your own.

A definite thumbs... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Sex Play Cam to a friend.

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Maximum rip-off and deception
21 January 2013
Reviewer: Adrian Salt from Europe

176 of 327 people found this review helpful

Good looking well laid out site. Very enticing women listed.

Join for free and you are constantly approached by sexy women wanting you to service them. This goes on for days while you're a free member but as soon as you pay a subscription it all tails off. Once you are a paid-up member there are NO replies in Instant Message windows and no woman answers any e-mails you send.

Contact from non-existent people comes mostly from Montreal, Canada and New Hampshire, USA. The communications arrive at times that almost everyone in these places is asleep.

This site is clearly populated by .bots, there is zero chance of even talking with a girl and it is a maximum rip-off.

I would not even recommend sexplaycam.com to someone I loathed.

In summary, I would not recommend Sex Play Cam to a friend.

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sexplay cams is anything but play
23 January 2012
Reviewer: Nic from Long Beach Ca USA

167 of 334 people found this review helpful

I joined sexplaycams and soon became suspicious as the IM (instant message) feature does not work and or is not monitored. I wrote numerous members and only got one response from each member. The responses they sent were showing interest most of the time, but when I responded to their responses that's where the communication always ended. I was polite and courteous in all my responses as well. I explained this oddity to other members in the videochat room and they all concurred. The site has a very poor contacting arena between members directly unless you use the videochat feature outside of this arena good luck in meeting members. The tech support seemed helpful when needed but the site as a whole does not promote member contact as the instructions are somewhat complex in the chat room. There are a lot of "bots" and fake members in the video chat room. All the girls that try and take you off site on a regular basis are not removed from the site when reported either. Overall I have been unable to even get a date or conversation going on at any level on the site. Though when Im out and about... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Sex Play Cam to a friend.

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Save Your Money
23 August 2010
Reviewer: Ripped Off from New York, N.Y.

188 of 364 people found this review helpful

This site is so typical of those other sites that promise way more than they can deliver, then they deliver...NOTHING. Overpriced, and at best, deceptive. If you want to get laid, go elsewhere cause it aint happening here.

In summary, I would not recommend Sex Play Cam to a friend.

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