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12 November 2016
Reviewer: Entice Baby Entice !!! from SE Wisconsin

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I've been a "Free" member for a few weeks now, and have been considering a paid subscription....mainly because I haven't found anything better for the "swing" lifestyle.

Of the options offered, I have to say that "groups" are a complete waste of time - no matter what area of the country you search in, you will find almost all groups haven't had any NEW POSTS in 5 or 6 YEARS! A small handful will show a newest post date of about a year ago. Who the heck does THAT help???

Things they need to do to really improve the initial/early experience that would drastically increase the number of folks becoming paid members are:

1) Let FREE account search fully - limiting them to 50 results does NOT encourage, it just frustrates. Unlimited searches DOES NOT mean unlimited messages, emails, IM's and such, and being able to see SO MANY would entice FREE members to (A) Believe that the site is loaded enough to be worthwhile, and (B) GREATLY ENTICE them with all the folks they'd be able to contact!

There is a reason that you've never seen a Candy Store with only one Butterfinger in the window!!

2) Double the number of emails/messages/etc that FREE members can send/receive in a 24 hour period. As it stands now, it is just plain FRUSTRATING AS HELL, and THAT does not encourage people to buy in, it pushes them to LEAVE.

3) Do not count REPLIES as part of the daily limit!!! It's flipping stupid, counter-productive, and chases people away. As it stands, say you send out 5 emails/messages on Friday afternoon, and someone responds to you Friday night. You can READ their response, but will NOT be able to reply until at least Saturday afternoon. Many many folks are dealing in things that are TIME-SENSITIVE, and stopping them from being able to reply will absolutely NOT have them running for their wallets, it will have them running for the DOOR!

Look, I've got 30+ years of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Services & Relations behind my opinions here, and the way that SLS currently restricts and administers the site is costing them subscriptions. The only folks who will throw money at the site because they are limited like I described above and are afraid they'll lose a possible contact are the most desperate people to begin with, and the majority of people in the "swing" life are NOT desperate.

And finally....spend some money on the site. Have it rebuilt, make it modern, and up to date, as right now it appears every bit as old and dates as it truly is: circa 1997.

I would recommend trying SLS as a "FREE" member, just to feel it out for yourself - but I cannot as yet recommend paying for a subscription.

In summary, I would recommend Swing Lifestyle to a friend.

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