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Top 5 Tips for Hooking-Up Online

With so many adult dating websites at your fingertips, hooking-up online might seem a bit of a daunting venture. Sure, you can build a profile page, find a few members who light your wick, maybe even share a few words, but how can you take yourself from “online friend” to “online frolics” (or whatever other f-word you might think of)?

Here are our top 5 tips for hooking-up online…


1: Don’t lie, be yourself

Everyone has positive qualities which others will enjoy. Finding the right person/people is the first step, and that depends on trust. If you lie about yourself and your interests, that lie will eventually come out and might upset any relationship you’ve built up. If you don’t like going to the gym, don’t pretend you do otherwise you might end up having to turn down dates. And who knows, maybe your date shared an interest you didn’t know about!


2: Talk, be friendly

Adult dating sites are a place to get to know someone. Log on regularly, chat to people who make the effort to get in touch with you. Be polite, even if you’re not really interested in pursuing anything with them. Word spreads, and if you’re a happy, friendly, polite person to talk to, other members will flock to you. Take an interest in what people say and, whilst it may be important to be flirty, don’t assume that people want to jump straight into adult chats without a little friendly banter to warm them up.


3: Upload photos

Not everyone is a model, and members can incorrectly believe that nobody would be interested in them if they were to see their photos. This isn’t true. A photo can show your personality and interests as well as your physique. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes: would you prefer to take a risk on someone with no photos, or someone who is confident enough to show what’s on offer and what they enjoy? A smile and the right lighting can go a long way to encouraging people to take another look. Uploading photos is just as much about showing trust and confidence, as it is your physical appearance. That said, people without photos often won’t get many emails, so it can be worth targeting members without profile snaps.


4: Build an attractive profile page

Would you go on a date with someone you knew nothing about? Most people wouldn’t. It’s a good idea to provide information on your turn-ons and turn-offs, your fetishes – if it’s important to you – your hobbies and interests which may lead to fulfilling sexual fantasies. Most adult dating website users are interested in getting frisky, so it wouldn’t hurt to provide information on your favorite toys, positions or locations, either. This information lets them understand more about you and the lifestyle they might be buying into if you do meet up.


5: Choose the right site

If you’re into a particular kink or fetish, are looking for an exercise fanatic or movie addict, want to meet plus-size or smaller-size dates, men, women, trans, bi, straight or otherwise, you’ll find a site which caters to your tastes. What’s the point in trawling through millions of profiles for people who won’t share your interests? Work smarter, not harder.


The lowdown…

In essence, attracting dates and hooking-up on adult dating websites all comes down to being yourself, establishing trust, and sharing your interests. There’s no magic formula or wise-crack which will make someone lust after you. Offer as much information as you are comfortable with, whilst remaining safe, be open and friendly to new opportunities, and see what happens!

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