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How to Stay Safe with Adult Dating Sites

The world of adult dating is an exciting one, full of possibilities, sexual encounters and potential lasting relationships. However, amongst all the frivolity and fun, it’s absolutely vital that you remain safe when using adult dating websites. “Safety”, when using adult dating site, comes in various forms, so we’re going to look at several risks and provide a few tips on each…


1: Your private information

You wouldn’t give your bank details to someone on the bus or in a café, so don’t do it online. It’s that simple, really. But aside from financial risks, it’s important to protect some of your personal details. It’s not only scammers who might be interested in your personal details. Whilst rebuttals are unlikely, you never quite know who is on the other end of a keyboard, so giving out your address willy-nilly isn’t a good idea. When posting photos or videos, avoid identifiable locations and landmarks, make sure family photos are out of shot, and don’t reveal any information which you don’t feel comfortable sharing.


2: Your photos, videos and chats

When you post a video or photo online, it could be copied and saved by other members. Some sites offer private setting which will only allow other members to access your media once they’ve asked your permission. Otherwise, any member can acquire your images. Therefore, don’t upload anything which you’re not happy for the members to see, and don’t feel pressured into sending photos or videos which you’re not happy to share. If you feel you’re being coerced or bullied into sharing information, including photos and videos, report it to the site’s admin team. Similarly, if a chat isn’t heading in a direction you feel comfortable with, try to change it or leave the chat, and remember that web cam chats can be recorded.


3: Emotional security

This might not seem like a “safety” issue, but we think it is one of the most important items to address – your emotional security. As well as being a very positive experience, some people can be hurt by rejection or inappropriate behaviour. Sometimes this isn’t intended, but it’s good to be aware of your limits and to avoid situations which might cause you stress, anxiety or any other emotional problems. If you feel you’re being encouraged to go down paths you’re not comfortable with, avoid those situations and/or contact the site’s team for support.


4: House rules

An adult dating website will almost always have a list of rules and regulations which all members ought to abide by. These are there to protect your account and monetary details, but also your information and personal safety. Stick to the rules. Not only are they helping to keep the site secure and user-friendly, but they have your best interests at heart. If other members are breaking these rules, it’s perfectly reasonable to report them to the team. Not only are you helping to prevent risks to yourself, but also to other members.


5: Scams

Unfortunately the internet is open to scammers. Usually they can be avoided through common sense or logic. If you’re instantly receiving messages from attractive members who want your personal information, for example, or want you to follow a link and enter your details, it’s not wise to do so. Some sites offer information on how to look out for scams which may have appeared on their website, so it’s worth checking those posts to make sure you don’t fall for their tricks.


6: Off-line safety

Adult dating websites are particularly good for meeting hot dates offline for some adult fun. Therefore, it’s vital to make sure you are safe when meeting up offline. Most sites offer their own tips on this, but in short: meet somewhere safe and mutually agreeable, have a back-out plan if needed, let someone you trust know where you are and with whom. There are plenty more tips on this, which you’ll discover as you explore adult dating websites for yourself. When it comes to fulfilling your erotic desires, for example, you might even want to set a safe word…!


Your safety is paramount, and comes before all else when using adult dating websites. If you’re ever in doubt, contact the site’s support team and they should be happy to assist you. The golden rule is this: don’t do anything you feel uncomfortable with. Now, go forth and have fun!

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