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Adult Dating: 3 Vital Dos and Don’ts

Hooking-up online might seem a daunting prospect, but there are plenty of great adult dating websites to help you do it. There are a few trends and behaviours which make some adult daters successful, and other traits which are big mistakes when it comes to finding adult fun online. So, here are some top tips on what to do, and what not to do, when looking for adult dates…



1: Be transparent.

Let people know exactly what you’re looking for. If you have a particular fetish, tell them about it. Don’t be shy or think you’ll seem odd. Other people are out there looking for the same thing, trust us! If you’re looking for hook-ups in a particular location, specify it. If you are looking for a certain feature (a couple, a single person, bi, gay, whatever it happens to be) it will save time and awkwardness to just specify that outright.


2: Become a part of the community.

Many adult dating websites offer community features such as group chats, forums, blog posts, diary shares, photo competitions and more. If you get involved with a community you can often meet people you might otherwise have not met. This is also a good chance to show other members the kind of person you are, beyond the sheen of a sexy profile page.


3: Show respect.

The old adage, “treat others as you would like to be treated”, will take you a long way. Dating is about relationships, and the most successful daters will treat people with respect and dignity. If someone wants nude photos, wait for them to ask or confirm that they’re interested. It can be easy to get carried away in the moment, but those daters who come out on top (so to speak) and have long, fulfilling relationships on adult dating sites, treat others well. Many members, particularly sites with active communities, will talk and share information about their experiences. Make sure you’re in their good books!



1: Over share.

This is more for your protection than anything else. Don’t give out your personal details until you’re convinced someone is genuine. This goes two ways – asking for personal details too early is a big warning light to some members, and doing so may mean they won’t talk to you again or will be very wary. In another sense of “over share”, we recommend not jumping in head-first with nudes and explicit chat until you’re sure another member is okay with it. Going in full-throttle can be too intense for some people to begin with.


2: Get disheartened.

Dating, and particularly adult dating, is a subjective game. It can take a while for someone to trust and like another person, so don’t be put off if you don’t immediately find a date. It’s a bad idea to pursue someone who isn’t interested, especially if they’ve made that clear to you, and this is where some members come into hot water with other members and the admin staff. Nobody likes the jerk who won’t leave someone alone, but they do like someone who can move on and stay positive. The right dates for you are out there!


3: Break the site rules.

Breaking the rules of the site (please familiarise yourself with them before signing up!) is a big no-no. This can cause members to be unregistered and black-listed, and they may not get a refund. The rules are there to protect everyone and to make sure people feel safe online and offline. Whilst not strictly a “rule”, we also recommend considering the nature or theme of the adult dating site you choose. If you like the look of members on a bondage site, but you’re not interested in bondage, you’re probably going to be unsuccessful in finding a date there. Explore your options, and you stand a better chance of prevailing.


In conclusion, take your time and be courteous – the payoffs will be worth it!

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