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5 Tips for Uploading Great Adult Content to Your Profile

One of the best ways to get some attention (and therefore dates or hook-ups) when using an adult dating website, is to make sure you have loads of attractive media to show off your best attributes. Whether it’s your bulging biceps, scintillating smile, bountiful buttocks or…well, something a bit more personal, there are a few tips and tricks to make sure you lure in the crowds. So, here are our top tips for uploading great adult content to your profile…


1: Turn on a light

Sometimes, when done right, dark and moody photos can be seductive and look cool. However, a poorly-lit image can be a real turn-off for other members. Adult dating websites rely, in part, on helping people to be sexually attracted to members. Therefore, if your photos are shady and members can’t really see you properly, they may skip past your profile. Grainy photos don’t show you (literally and figuratively) in your best light, so consider putting up a few bright snaps.


2: Choose high definition where possible

Low quality uploads can also harm your chances of finding a date or hook-up. Seek out a site which allows you lots of storage space, so you can upload plenty of high quality photos and videos. Members often browse profile pages and check out photo and video collections to find out whether they’ll be attracted to you, so make sure there’s plenty for them to consider. Some websites might not have a great storage capacity for these sorts of files, so you’ll be a little stuck, but most should cater for HD images. You might even be able to build up a catalog of your favorite media from other members’ profiles.


3: Upload recent media

Whilst it can be tempting to upload pictures from a decade ago (who didn’t look a little more pert and healthy 10 years earlier?) it’s generally not considered good etiquette. After all, if you do end up meeting with members, online or offline, they could be mightily disappointed to find you’re much older than they thought. This in turn could lead to some members feeling that you’ve lied to them, and they’ll be unlikely to be as responsive in the future.


4: Create private collections

Private Collections can be really useful features of adult dating websites. These allow you to upload personal photos and videos, restricting access to those files for other members. Once you feel comfortable to share the files with someone, you can allow them access to your private collections. This essentially means that you won’t get every Tom, Dick and Harry checking out your most intimate images – they need your permission first! If your adult dating site offers a private collection, this may also mean that you can check the collections of other members you enjoy, possibly even saving their photos so you can view them later.


5: Check the site’s features

Adult dating websites offer a wide range of features to help you hook up with other hot singles. This might include video options, webcam chat, porn hubs and more. Check out what’s on offer, because it could improve your chances of finding a date, or simply provide you with access to a great range of erotic media.


The lowdown…

Make the most of your account, and make sure your profile page is helping you to reel in dates. Uploading high quality, well-lit photos and videos is a sure-fire way to grab more attention from other singles. It’s also worth checking out the various image, video, webcam and storage options, which can help you to build up a comprehensive collection of adult content.

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