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5 Tips for Finding Hook-Ups Online

Adult dating websites help you to hook up with sexy members online and offline. But it can sometimes be difficult to find your ideal match, particularly if you’re new to adult dating websites. So, we’ve rubbed our heads together to come up with 5 top tips to help you find your perfect adult date or hook-up…


1: Don’t be shy

If you’ve looked around a few adult dating websites, you’ve probably noticed that there are some big personalities to contend with. Don’t be concerned, we’re not going to suggest you start stripping down and offering yourself up on a platter (unless that’s what you want to do!). When we say “don’t be shy”, we mean don’t be afraid of approaching members and talking to them. If you’re too quiet then you may not make decent connections, even if you have decent photos and have completed your profile page. Members on adult dating sites want to know they can trust you, and that you’re likable. After all, these rendezvous can get a little frisky. So be direct about who and what you’re looking for, and expect the same in return.


2: Play with search filters

When you first search for members, you’ll be asked to choose your preferences (sexual and non-sexual). This helps to filter out members who might not be ideal for you, and saves you time since you won’t have to wade through as many profiles and photos. This is great, but it’s also important to mix things up now and again. Changing your search filters will offer you reams of members you might otherwise ignore, and it can be as simple as adding an extra hair colour, hobby or fetish.


3: Join forum discussions

Whilst some hot photos might go a long way to finding you adult dates and hook-ups, it’s also a great idea to meet people based on your interests. Some of the best adult dating websites will include forum pages where you can talk to random members about all sorts of topics, both sexual and non-sexual. This will allow you to have a chat and get to know someone based on mutual interests, and may provide extra information such as party invites or local gatherings.


4: Like photos and leave comments

We all like to be liked, and this is no different on adult dating sites. If you find a profile you enjoy, let the owner know, Like their photos and videos, make comments, leave your thoughts on their content. This is a great way to get attention from a member, as they’re automatically going to think positively about you. Some members might also offer collections of photos, some of which may be reserved (and provided to you on request).


5: Add media

It’s generally a good idea to upload photos and videos of yourself if you feel comfortable doing so. Adult dating members are often looking for sexy chat or real-life hook-ups, so they want to see you in the flesh. Some sites offer substantial photo and video storage options, and you can even create a secret portfolio of snaps for special members to view. Other features might include webcam options, which you’ll definitely want to invest in if you enjoy live face-to-face chats. These are all additional ways to connect with members and draw their attention to your profile page.


The lowdown…

Adult dating sites can be an exciting experience, and a great way to find sexy singles. You’ll be more successful if you show an active interest in members, whilst taking full advantage of the communication tools on offer.

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