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5 Big Mistakes New Members Make When Trying to Hook-Up Online

So, you’ve joined an adult dating website and you’re keen to get a little frisky? Well, you won’t be alone! But there are a few big mistakes that newbies can make when trying to hook-up online. Thankfully, we’re here to help set you straight. So, here are 5 big mistakes to avoid when using adult dating websites…


1: Straight to explicit

It’s tempting to want to make a big splash when you first arrive on an adult dating website, and there’s plenty of flesh on show already. However, we propose a modicum of caution when it comes to openly sharing explicit photos when you first arrive on a site. Once photos are uploaded, other members can download (or screen grab) them, so there’s no changing your mind. There’s a chance these photos could harm your chances with someone who’s a bit more reserved, or who holds back on explicit content until they find someone they trust.


2: Sex Tonight options

Some adult dating sites offer a “Hook up tonight” tool, which essentially helps to put you in touch with members who are looking for sexual encounters that very same day. We recommend familiarising yourself with the site, its members, features and protocols before rushing in for meet-ups. The site ought to offer details on how to stay safe when hooking up, too, which are important pages to check. Your safety comes first!


3: Forgetting everyone is human

Let’s face it, when most of us strip down to our birthday suits, we’re not always looking our best. Be kind. There’s no need to be caustic or cruel. If someone shows an interest in you, either let them down gently or ignore them. Everyone has feelings, and sometimes stripping down to your skin is a big step to take online. Show courtesy to other members, and you’ll receive it back.


4: Not reading the rules

Different adult dating sites have different rules for their members. Whilst some might allow explicit images or language, others might not. Often, they suggest not sharing too much personal information, or a site might have a particular rule which will lead to automatic exclusion (without a refund) if it’s broken. Don’t fall into the traps of not reading the small print, take a little time to familiarise yourself with how things work. If in doubt, follow the behaviour of other members as a guideline.


5: Immediately asking for private content

Ah, yes, there are lots of beautiful people who want to have fun. But that doesn’t mean they want to share their most intimate photos and videos with just anyone. Immediately asking for access to private content can be a big warning sign for some members, and many people won’t want to share this media until they know you and trust you. As such, it’s probably going to do more harm than good if you ask for private content too early on. Similarly, it’s probably wise not to go about handing out your more intimate images to just anyone who asks for them.


The lowdown…

Adult dating is all about having fun and meeting exciting sexual singles. But it’s also important to respect people’s boundaries and not to go in too headstrong to begin with. Weigh up your options, explore, and get to know members in your own time.

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